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Apologies for the delay in responding your email, I have not been in the office much with the school holidays.  I have still not received any further information from BT in respect of the notices we issued despite requesting an update from them.  The request to remove surplus kiosks was nationwide so they have been corresponding with numerous different Council and collating and reviewing the responses they have received is a timely process.


As I advised you in my email earlier on this year the Council objected to the removal of the kiosk on Church Close so this was the recommendation returned to BT on the basis of the objections received from the Parish, Conservation Officer and a local resident.  If you would now like to adopt the kiosk as a heritage feature rather than retain the kiosk as a working kiosk this is something we could approach BT about?  However, from the Council’s point of view now we have issued the notifications we just have to wait for BT to issue a response and unfortunately there is no time frame for this.  When a response is received this will be passed on to all interested parties who were consulted or commented during the process.


You mentioned previously about whether if the kiosk were to be retained, it would be returned to working order.  There is a process for logging faults with BT via their website if this is something the Parish would like to consider although I’m not sure if they will carry out repairs until a decision is made.  I have logged a fault on behalf of another parish council over their kiosk in January this year (as it was intended to serve as an emergency line next to the Parish installed defibrillator) however, despite an initial acknowledgement and frequent emails chasing BT they have still not responded or fixed the kiosk.


I’m sorry I can’t offer any further information at this stage but I will contact you as soon as I hear something further from BT.


With regards


Rebecca Potter


Development Management Team

South Staffordshire Council

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