Wolverhampton Branch
Nostalgia Photographs
Mayors Parade - circa 1950
Charlie Saunders
Frank Fieldhouse - PC 43
Sergeant Easterbrook
And Stan Willett
Thanks to Stan Willett for supplying the above photographs
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The ‘Torso Murder’ 1968
Search of the railway line between Wolverhampton and
Euston by air - searching for the missing head!!

Photo by Derek Johnson
The new West Midlands Constabulary Control Room HQ
in 1970 - with Inspector Joe Adams in control.
The Last Wolverhampton Police
Christmas Party for the Children 
before amalgamation in 1966
Wolverhampton Police Children’s Party 1965
Jim Dent, Johnny Butcher, Tom Hendley, Monica Taylor,
Charlie Saunders, Dave Gibbs and the Cat (Mike Collins)
All of the above photographs courtesy of Mike Collins
Mike Collins and wife
on the roof of the Royal
Hospital in 1957!

What were they doing there?

The Training and Duties of a British Policeman

‘The courtesy and kindness of the British policeman are well known. Policemen are carefully selected and trained. They are unarmed and the citizens look with confidence to them for help in everyday matters as well as emergencies. The work of an ordinary constable is varied, and includes finding lost children, and traffic directions. Dealing with crime is only an occasional part of his duties.’

(Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1946)

The Man on the Beat is set in the old district of Birmingham known as Ladywood 

Dunstall Road CID (note the empty trays!!!)
John Parkes, John Burton, Clem Crane
John Vincent, Mick Parsons

The former police station in Bilston, Wolverhampton

At the junction of Mount Pleasant with Bow Street, this was built circa 1840, is Grade II listed and is unique in that it was the only police station in the country that is surrounded by a moat, about ten feet deep and six feet wide.

It was closed on 14 December 2010, having been declared, in politician speak of the times, "not fit for purpose", and sold on 22 July 2011 for £176,000

Would the Police Officer in the picture below be one of our Members???????

Having just seen the link to the Wolverhampton Police and Dignitaries film by British Pathe you have linked to on the NARPO website helped me find footage of my great grandfather who was one of the first mounted policemen in Wolverhampton who was in the film. I have been working on our family tree and a recent visit with my uncle provided me with a number of photos (see attached copies) and my great grandfathers truncheon, whistle and cuffs were passed down to me.

Photographs supplied by Phil Molineux
who’s Great Grandfather is shown in the
photographs here